Intuitive Eating Book Club

April 1 – May 27, 2019

intuitive eatingWhen: Mondays from 12 – 130pm

Where: Pacific Therapy & Consulting

How: Register at front desk 7 sessions/10.5 hours

Cost: $315.00 (not incl. tax or book) With book, the program fee will be: $315 + $28 = $343.00 (or bring your own book)

Space is limited to 8 people.

Have you had enough of diets and food restriction? Or perhaps you have felt the negative effects of the food binge cycle? When we outlaw certain foods, we may end up binging on them down the road.

The Intuitive Eating Book Club is designed to navigate through the process of intuitive eating step by step. We will be working through, “The Intuitive Eating Workbook” written by Elyse Reach, MS, RDN and Evelyn Tibole, MS, RDN.

Facilitated by Kathi Cameron, MA, RCC, you will benefit from a supportive group atmosphere, while working your way through the workbook at your pace. Discover how to include all foods into your life without the guilt and shame. This program is suited for anyone who has struggled with food, used food as comfort, or has a history of disordered eating. This is not a treatment program, but a program based upon education, skills building, and group support.

If you or someone you know may benefit from this, please do not hesitate to contact Kathi for more information at

Eating Disorders Prevention and Awareness

(for parents, teachers, and caregivers)

Every day we are inundated with messages and images of how bodies should look and behave in our culture.  Social media has become one of the main resources for children and teens and they are the most susceptible and influenced by the pressures to be thin.  In addition, our health promotion approach to food, with all its’ best intentions, have created fear and anxiety of various foods while demonizing others.  If you support and care for a young person, this workshop is for you.

resilientThis program is designed to examine the cultural beliefs about food, body, and weight and these beliefs influence us as caregivers.  Additionally, we will discuss the many ways we can support young people through words, behaviours, and other supports to cultivate a healthy body image and a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Kathi Cameron holds master’s degrees in exercise and health psychology and clinical psychology with an undergraduate degree in kinesiology. She worked as a kinesiologist in Victoria for over 15 years with people struggling with negative body image, eating, and exercise.  She now serves this population of people as a clinical counsellor with an interest in disordered eating, exercise abuse, and negative body image.  She takes a “health at every size” approach to supporting clients while working towards intuitive eating and physical activity for life.

She is the author of the book, “Leading to Life Long Exercise”, and has worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of Victoria and North Island College.  She has designed and facilitated curriculum in health psychology for over 20 years and has recently left her position as a health promotion educator with the Canadian Armed Forces to pursue a full time private practice with Pacific Therapy & Consulting.

You may find more detailed information on this and other programs by going to and clicking on the “@ School” page.  For more information on this program, please contact Kathi at 250-338-2700 or email