Kathi Cameron

Here’s my professional picture.

Kathi has over 25 years of experience working in the field of health promotion and exercise leadership. She holds an undergraduate degree in kinesiology, a master’s degree exercise and sport psychology and a master’s degree in clinical psychology (all) from the University of Victoria (no judgement). Kathi has worked as a sessional lecturer for the University of Victoria and North Island College in addition to speaking at conferences and workshops across Canada and in the US. She recently left a 12 year position with the Department of National Defence where she worked as a health promotion educator for the Canadian Forces Base at 19 Wing Comox.  There, she facilitated courses and workshops related to health promotion and designed the national curriculum for the current Respect in the CAF (sexual harassment prevention) course.

Kathi has written for magazines and co-authored papers relating to a wide range of health prevention topics and wrote the book, “Leading to Life Long Exercise”.  She was a freelance writer and continues to publish articles relating to body acceptance and fat phobia.

Here’s my real life picture.

As a clinical counsellor, Kathi specializes in disordered eating (binge/emotional eating, bulimia, food anxiety, and orthorexia) and negative body image and integrates the “Health at Every Size” approach into her practice. She leads therapy and support groups for people challenged with disordered eating, exercise abuse, and body image issues and integrates physical activity and nutritional psychology into her practice.

She is owner and facilitator at @ WorkSolutions offering corporate / organizational training in gender harassment and health/wellness workshops.  She offers “The EveryBody Project” to elementary and secondary educators and administration focusing on challenging our own weight and body bias as a way to promote healthy schools without promoting disordered eating, food anxiety, and body image issues (the collateral damage of good intentions).

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