A diet cloaked under wellness is still a diet

Weight watchers has just rebranded. They are now known as WW – wellness that works. Their stocks have recovered and they are touting the same plan as before. Let’s be very clear – programs that promote food restriction and calorie deficit as their method to wellness – that shit’s a diet and you need to run.

Okay, confession time over here – I am a lifetime member of weight watchers. What does that mean? Well it means that at one point in my life, I subscribed to the idea that in order to be of any value to society, I needed to lose weight. So, I went to weight watchers and I lost enough weight to fit within their charts that indicated whether I was ‘heathy’ or not. I weighed in weekly and then I binged following those weigh-ins because I learned that I could eat all I wanted that day and have a full week to restrict until my next weigh-in. I harmonized with my fellow WW friends when we chanted toxic sayings such as “if you almost follow the program, you’ll almost lose the weight” and “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. I’m embarrassed and ashamed of this. I shudder to think of how many people’s negative body image, disordered eating and feelings of shame have been impacted by my involvement.

The bottom line is that the plan spewed by weight watchers, regardless of their name, is harmful. Restrictive eating leads to bingeing, dieting leads to weight gain, BMI measurements (which is what they use to determine your healthy weight) is utter bullshit, and shame leads to increased negativity towards self. Tell me again how this shit is wellness?

Time to do some deep breathing…..

Carrie xo

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