A Few Questions for Fat Haters

It always shows up when I surf the www for pictures, clips, or articles on fat acceptance; fat shaming and fat hate. Fat haters are everywhere although some are more noticeable than others.  Some are very vocal about their distain while other internalize fat hate and turn against themselves and their bodies.  The result is body shame, self-hate and disgust showing up in diet after diet paired with the exhaustion that comes with exercise abuse.

I tend to try and avoid reading the comments under a TedX about fat acceptance or body diversity, like Kelli Jean Drinkwater’s brilliant presentation on her life as a fat woman. Although there was much acclaim to her message, there was also fat-shaming-womansome comments so nasty, so angry, and so disturbing these haters could only be mentally disturbed, sociopathic, or incredibly ignorant and self-hating.

But instead of judging (which is exactly what I’m complaining about) I wanted to give fat haters the benefit of the doubt.  I have a few questions for you, should you be a fat hater (although I’m doubtful due to the topic of this blog)…but just in case.

Question 1:  Based upon your commitment and passion to your belief that thin is healthiest; I’m assuming you have taken the time to research and read all the primary literature that would confirm your statement.  Did you?

Question 2: If you didn’t, how can you be so sure that you understand the health outcomes of fatness? Where did you come by this information? Can you provide me the references that form the base of your statements?

Question 3: What motivates someone to provide unsolicited advice to people on diet and exercise? Do most fat haters hold post secondary diplomas or degrees or certificates in this area?

Question 4: Why do you care so much about another’s body type? This one really confuses me.  Are you equally concerned with who someone sleep with or what Netflix shows they watch?

Questions 5: Is your life so incredibly boring and/or miserable that you feel you must spread that misery onto others? Does publicly shaming people for being different than you provide you with a sense of power, strength, and intelligence that you wouldn’t get otherwise?

Question 6: Why can’t you let others live the way they want to live? Even if you are right and they will die from their fatness, why do you care so much? This must be very personal to you (or you have way too much time on your hands).

Please, if you have the answers, please share with me so I may come to a sense of enlightenment; that I may be as educated as you are on the subject.  If you can share without throwing insults or threatening to rape and kill me, that would be much appreciated.

All the best.



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